bhava-vinyasa-cd-peter-2003A double CD of a Bhava Vinyasa practice guided by Peter is always available at the studio or via email. This practice is two hours long and can be edited by selecting some of the 11 tracks, creating a shorter practice for busy days when you have less time (suggestions are on the back of the CD case).

Peter created this CD back in 2003 and some of his students have followed this recorded practice for years. His intelligent, in-depth sequencing hits all the right spots.

Cost is $15.



The back of the CD shown above reads as follows: This Bhava Yoga class, taught by Peter Rizzo, is designed for students with a strong yoga asana practice. All students should be careful throughout the sequence and rest when necessary. The class is two hours and seven minutes long. For a one and three quarter hour class, program odd numbered tracks (1, 3, 5) on both discs. You will need two feet of open wall space for some poses, other props are optional, There is a brief meditation at the end after savasana, which may be extended by pausing the program after meditation instruction.