The challenging experience of Bhava Vinyasa practice strengthens and stretches the body, helps to quiet the mind, and uplifts the heart.

A typical Bhava Vinyasa class begins with the chanting of OM and sometimes Kapalabhati breathing, which is a Kriya, or purifying practice. Ujjayi breathing is emphasized throughout the class.

We then move into sun salutations and standing poses for 30-45 minutes, to warm the body and establish a centered mood. We focus on deep breathing, in a Vinyasa flow, and on proper alignment.

The rest of the class is devoted to Asana on the floor: a well-rounded blend of twists, forward bends, backward bends, balances, inversions and rests, carefully sequenced so as to access the inner grace in the more “difficult postures.”

The class closes with a substantial final relaxation sequence.

As we practice imbuing our efforts with grace, this approach becomes habitual and intrinsic to our nature on and off the yoga mat. Through the flow of our Vinyasa practice, we unfold toward greater self-awareness and acceptance, increased resilience and compassion, a healthier, calmer way of being.

Assists and Modifications

Please let us know if you have any special needs or concerns or if you are uncomfortable being touched during the traditional posture assists we offer. All yoga practices can be modified—by the use of props, modification of pace or posture, or alternative postures—to suit any individual student.